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With you own Business Coach or Life Coach success is easier!

What can a Business Coach or Life Coach do for you?

Consider this: investing in your own life coach or business coach is like having a perfect partner. A coach is your catalyst to achieve the results you want. So, let’s get you to where you want to be. You can achieve more – more easily. How would it feel to be more successful?

Why? This is partly because your coach can help you to reveal and optimise your true talents. We all think we know ourselves. And we do … but only up to a point; there is usually much more to learn. You can then define better goals that allow you to be your best. Options are then explored so that you can choose the best route to your goal. Therefore your coach will help you to create a clear plan and supports you to stay on track.

Can you name a top sports person who achieves success without a coach? Champions know the value of having a collaborative partner who has no other agenda apart from your success and happiness. Winners appreciate someone who can point out what they can’t see, someone who encourages and challenges them.
So you too can benefit in the same way. Having your own coach can enable you to move further than you ever felt possible.

Ask yourself, what is it costing me emotionally or financially not to have a life or business coach now?

Gérard Jakimavicius - MD and Head Coach

Gerard Jakimavicius – MD and Head Coach

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Why choose Life Coach Associates?

Life Coach Associates is principally me … Gérard Jakimavicius, but I call in other carefully selected coaches when required for specific situations and when it is appropriate to use a coach more local to a client.

LCA is the longest established professional coaching company in the UK and Europe. Nevertheless we are not complacent – and are forever striving to develop and improve our services.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the strength of the relationships we have with our clients.

Finally our clients benefit because we always seek to have affordable, fair and equitable pricing.

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How does it work?

Listening carefully to our past, existing and potential customers is vital to how we believe a strong business should be run. As a result, we offer variety of flexible options. This flexibility encompasses:

  • Format : face-to-face / phone / Skype /
  • Frequency : weekly, fortnightly, monthly or whatever you choose
  • Duration : 30 mins, 45 mins 60 mins or 90 mins
  • Style : pure coaching, mentoring, advising and sounding board

Whichever feels right for you, is probably right! If you are not sure I can guide you.

To find out more about us go to:http://life-coach-associates.com/kent/

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