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Get your own ideal Business Coach or Life Coach – it is easy!

A warm welcome to Life Coach Associates!

Any person can, and does, benefit from coaching.
So if you run a business, are a director, senior manager or a employee, then your Business Coach will help you grow!
Do you want to be happier at work,want a career change, or simply want to get more out of life? Then having your own Life Coach will help you move on and grow.
Most noteworthy, it is a confidential service, tailored to your personal needs.

What can coaching do for you?

Investing in your own life coach or business coach is like having a perfect partner. A coach is like being your catalyst to getting the results you want. Let’s get you to where you want to be. Achieve success!

Your coach can help you to reveal and optimise your true talents. You will then define those goals that allow you to be your best. Options are then explored so that you can choose the best route to your goal.

Can you name a top sports person who achieves success without a coach? They know the value of having a collaborative partner who has no other agenda apart from your success and happiness. Someone who can point out what you can’t see, someone who encourages and challenges you. Hence enabling you to move further than you felt possible.

Ask yourself, what is it costing me emotionally or financially not to have a life or business coach now?

Why choose Life Coach Associates?

  • LCA is one of the longest serving professional coaching companies in Europe.
  • Gerard is the MD and Head Coach of Life Coach Associates.
  • He is an experienced Business Coach and Life Coach.
  • Based in Whitstable(Kent), but serves clients across the UK.
  • He listens carefully to find the approach that works best for you.
  • His goal is to ensure you create your own clear goals, finding your best route to success … and have fun achieving your goals!
  • The results you achieve make it an affordable & viable investment.

So How Does It Work?

You have choices: Coaching can be undertaken:

* face-to-face
* by phone
* or Skype (now proving very popular).

Face-to-face is the traditional method, but a growing number of clients choose phone or Skype sessions – where the degree of interaction and success can be surprisingly high. Phone or Skype enables coaching to take place anywhere in the world at any convenient time.

Sessions are usually held weekly and generally last 45 – 60 minutes. Simple actions are agreed at the end of each session. E-mail and phone support is offered between sessions at no extra charge.

In addition Group Coaching is available for teams, and can result in powerful shifts within individuals, teams, and organisations.

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GĂ©rard Jakimavicius - MD and Head Coach

Gérard Jakimavicius – MD and Head Coach

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