Five things you may not know about coaching

Maybe it would be more accurate to say “5 things you may not know about my coaching practice” – as not all coaches run exactly the same type of practice, and I know that my practice is different from many other coaches.

1. Formats.
Not all coaching is undertaken face-to-face – in fact globally most coaching is NOT face-to-face! There – that might surprise you – because it certainly surprised me whilst I was training to be a professional coach many years ago. Today we can now coach not only face-to-face (which most clients and coaches often prefer to do if they can), but also by phone and using Skype.
The phone coaching works particularly well when people are busy and on the move. My phone and Skype clients call me at their convenience from a quiet office at lunch time, from a parked car or from the comfort of their own home. I have coached a client from London for some time (and amazingly to this day we have never actually met), and when she went to New York and then New Mexico on film location we carried on using Skype (we just had to ensure our time zones worked!). Clients can save money or travel time by using phone or Skype. Some perhaps may like the anonimity of not meeting – whatever the reason it certainly works because many clients have used and continue to use this method!

2. Cost.
Over the years some people have said to me “I would love to have coaching but I cannot afford it” – without even knowing how much it is!
My coaching is not expensive (well he would say that!). I spent considerable time exploring for the right fee structure. After much soul searching I realised that what was right for me was to charge a fee that was “fair and equitable”. And so that is what I do.
Part of my coaching is to help clients save time, money, energy or pain; and that has a worth in all our lives. How much might it be costing you not to have coaching? I want everyone to feel they get great value for money. It can often help to think of coaching as an investment rather than a cost – an investment in yourself. Is there anything more important than that?

3. Coaching is only for people with problems!
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Firstly even if that were true, we all have problems and challenges – so it is for everyone in that sense. Whilst some people can be initially reluctant or too proud to seek help or support, most overcome that hurdle and are delighted they sought out a coach.
Secondly, many people come for coaching because they are successful and want to maintain that success or reduce the pressures of success. Some want to come for coaching because they have a great idea or opportunity and want someone to support or partner them from inception and through the journey to success.

4. Pure Coaching or Consultancy
I love the pure coaching – where through careful questions and true deep support I attempt to help a client find their own hidden answers.
However, sometimes, especially with business clients, the client may want some ideas or advice, rather than pure coaching – and as long as we are both clear about that distinction, then that is what we do. So for me, whatever the client wants (coaching or consultancy) then that is right. I am so grateful to be able to draw on a long and highly varied business career spanning several businesses, functions and countries – and I never want to take that fact for granted.

5. Coaching is fun!
I cannot speak for other coaches, but I have a lot of fun with my clients. It does not matter how heavy, difficult or serious the starting point may be, and whilst totally respecting the client, we have a lot of fun on the journey to success. We often laugh at ourselves, and at the same time ensure the right options are explored, and then the best decisions made, which leads each client to their results and then success.

How many of those points did you already know?
I would love to hear your comments.

So, how could you make use of the points raised to improve your life, work or business?
If you want to discuss how you could be supported in achieving more, simply give me a call. No pressure, no obligation – just a chat!

Regards – Gerard

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