Some extraordinary questions!

Life Coach Associates has been in service for 14 years.
A big thank you to all my clients , past and present, and to my many supporters.

I recently analysed the types of clients and the types of work I have had the honour of partnering in those 14 years. One conclusion is that sometimes we can have key information right in front of us … we just have to plan in quality time to reveal the hidden gems. Having the answers is vital, but asking the right questions beforehand is a precursor to those answers.
So, I began to mull over some key questions we can all ask ourselves – whether we are employed, self employed or run a home, business or organisation. I would like to share some of these questions with you. It is not an exhaustive list  – far from it! But it may give you a flavour of just a few of the many questions I have asked some of my clients.

As ever, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.
Which is your favourite question?
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General life questions

  • Have I planned well enough for my family’s future?
  • How can I better juggle my home and work life?
  • I am getting more tasks and responsibilities; how do I cope?
  • I am so busy … but am I on the right track?
  • I am struggling with my job, who can I talk to openly, creatively and constructively?
  • How do I avoid “all the unnecessary stuff” which stops me getting my real job done?
  • I don’t feel appreciated; what can I do?
  • I have lots of ideas, but not everyone buys into them. What can I do?
  • Am I caring for and fully appreciating each of my family, friends and colleagues?
  • What is holding me back?

Which of these might apply to you or someone you know?

Work questions

  • Do I have a clear and realistic career plan?
  • Why don’t my peers and managers recognise my ideas?
  • What do my staff really think about me?
  • How can I grow effectively into (and beyond) this role?
  • I am not enjoying my job, what can I do?
  • How do I know for certain what the competition is doing?
  • Am I keeping up with all the market trends?
  • Do I truly know what clients really think of our service?
  • Does every member of staff understand the Business Plan, and know the part they play?
  • Have I got a plan to scale my business or team up a level and down a level?

I would love to hear your thoughts please. Your feedback and ideas are welcome!
If you would like explore the most beneficial questions for yourself, your team or organisation – simply call me.

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