Getting more out of your brain!

This blog has two short parts, and will only take about 3 minutes to read:
– How does your brain work?
– Start to get more out of your brain

I was fortunate enough (and brave enough) to go on a three day seminar last week. It reminded me of a few concepts I have mentioned before, and I will share them again but with a few twists.
During the seminar I realised I knew more than I thought I did – and that as you can imagine was satisfying. Yet … I also realised I had blind spots – we all have them, often in several areas of our thinking. Of course, having a great coach can help reveal our blind spots, and then allows us to address them to be more complete and rounded.
The brain is an incredibly powerful organ – apparently we only use about 10% of its capacity. Well that gives all of us plenty of room for growth!
Enjoy the ideas, and you can then decide how you will start to get more out of your own brain!

As ever, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic.
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How does your brain work?

Obviously there is not room to go into massive detail here, but let’s outline a few key points:

* Our brains are incredibly complex and powerful.
* We only use a fraction of its capacity – apparently only about 10%; so there is enormous scope to use our brain much more effectively.
* I believe it is helpful to see ourselves as three highly inter-related parts; the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the physical body.
* Our conscious mind can handle up to about seven thoughts at once – only one if you are a man, but seven for women as you can multitask.  🙂
* Meanwhile our subconscious mind can handle millions, if not billions, of tasks at any one moment.
* However our conscious minds influence our subconscious actions, and this in turn controls and affects our physical body.
* The conscious mind and the subconscious mind are made up of billions of nerve cells not just in the brain, but also down through the spinal cord and branching into the network of nerves throughout the body.
* It is a miraculous system … which we can have an enormous influence on.
* Some actions require no conscious thought e.g. the heart beating, breathing and blinking etc.
* But many actions are totally under our conscious thinking – including how we can change and develop our thinking and habits. We are capable of sophisticated change!

Make a note of what areas of thinking would you like to change?
Please do this NOW before the moment is lost.

Start to get more out of your brain

We know that our brains are very powerful; and that we only use a fraction of its power. So let us explore how we might begin to get more out of it:
* The “nervous system” is made up of millions of pathways, within the brain, through the spinal column and throughout the body.
* Some pathways are used habitually in controlling essential organs. Yet some pathways are used habitually because of how we think, and others are used less frequently, and get rusty.
* These nervous pathways are linked by gaps called synapses which fire neurotransmitters across the gaps if the signals are strong enough.
* I liken this change in thinking and how it can change our mental and physical effectiveness, to rerouting (changing the points on a railway track) of the trains (the signals or impulses) on the routes coming from and going back to the brain (the tracks).
* We have the power to change our own thinking and effectiveness by changing the pathways we choose to use. Mind-blowing isn’t it – excuse the pun!

We have a choice in terms of what to think and whether we learn and make changes. We all have that choice. Deciding to make those changes starts with a few precursors:
* Being in the right frame of mind to change or having the right attitude.
* Selecting the right time and place to thoroughly make those changes.
* Using the right language to ourselves when thinking through those changes.
* Having the right experienced person support us in making and sustaining the changes – a professional coach perhaps!
* Like changing any habits, changing our thinking will take plenty of practice until it becomes the NEW habit!

We all have plenty of scope for improvement. Why not have your own professional coach to partner and inspire you on your own development journey?

I would love to hear your thoughts please. Your feedback and ideas are welcome!
If you would like explore getting more out of your brain – simply call me.
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