Are your goals smart?

Kick off the year with simple and positive goals …

Although 2 weeks into the year, I am talking about New Year’s Resolutions, but some people might just call it setting goals, or “my hopes for the year”. Before anyone dismisses them, let me be clear, they are not unfashionable … they are just smart. And why would you not want to be smart? Some of you may have made one or even several. Some ideas may be just in your heads, others may have written them. Crafting and writing them allows your creativity to kick in and also creates the space to develop, refine and define your ideas. The writing process works at a neurological and therefore psychological level.
Here are a few tips to help:

Part one:

  1. Whether your preferred learning style is visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, writing and crafting great resolutions helps enormously. Play with the wording until it articulates precisely what you want to achieve. This is time well spent.
  2. When playing and crafting the words make the resolution (as with any goal or objective) SMART i.e. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timebound, helps enormously. Many people would do this for a business goal, so why not for goals / resolutions that are so important for you?
  3. It can be helpful to share your Resolution with a “partner” (in the broad sense), or even better (especially if it is big or challenging) use a professional experienced Coach!  🙂
  4. Creating Resolutions can be fun!

Happy New Year! And pertinently in the words of Henry Ford:
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

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Part Two – more tips:

More tips to create great Resolutions:

The word Resolution is related to Resolve and so suggests and directs us to being clear and determined.

We all have choices every single day – and it is our decisions in response to those choices that shape who we really are and what we achieve.

Some great words to “lock into” to help you create great Resolutions:
Positive       Vision
Inspire        Creative
Stretching   Honesty
Truth           Fresh
Support       Leap
Courage      Faith
I am sure you can add more  🙂

Paraphrasing the Star Wars films …
May the force be with you!
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