Legacy, fun and succession planning

Legacy, fun and succession planning

When you leave a job, a company or even your final departure from this mortal coil … you have a choice about what legacy you leave behind. For what do you want others to remember you? We may not be remembered for those things we wish to be remembered! But while we are still in that job, company or still alive, we have a choice about how we want to be remembered, hence we need to think, feel, speak and behave in a way that merits those memories.
The main article looks at one particular aspect of leaving a legacy. Will people remember us as someone who was fun to be with, or someone who was serious?
Read on …

Part one: Choosing your legacy

A little “madness” might be a good thing – not in the sense of having a negative impact, but of humour, laughter and fun to be with. Even a dose of mild eccentricity is okay if goals and relationships are respected. You can still achieve and even exceed goals and have fun – the two are not mutually exclusive.
Cranking up our sense of fun can be liberating – people love working in fun environments. I am sure if you ponder for a moment you can remember people who were fun to work with. Chuckling to yourself is fine, but making other people laugh is healthy and powerful.

So what could you do today and this week to add more fun?

Remember …  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

Would you like to hear more about “leaving your chosen legacy”?
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Part Two – A fabulous opportunity for you?

One service I have failed abysmally to promote is one I enjoy very much! I have worked with several clients over the last few years in a well-paced programme going through The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The habits are not just pertinent to business, but certainly in my view to life in general!
By deeply understanding each of the habits, we can agree how to apply each of the habits in a way that is practical and meaningful to each client.
I have used it to help people become better and more rounded leaders – who may well also leave a stronger legacy when they move on (see Part One above). These have included company directors, managers and potential rising stars – who all needed to move their thinking and behaviours to a higher level.

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Part Three – Business Succession Planning

All businesses need to think about Succession Planning; whether you are:

* a new micro start-up who needs a clear vision of how the business may develop, and what roles and type of people will you need.
* or an established, corporate or big organisation, which needs to see how the structure may evolve in order for the business to move forward.

Do you already have the people who know the business and are ready to grow and move into new roles, or should you recruit external experts with a fresh view and new skills?

A succession plan for up to 5 years is not only smart, it is a wise use of time, as it will force you to consider the future, see the options and create your best plan.
One final note to finish what is only the tip of an iceberg sized issue – be open to your current people surprising you. I have often seen people who have been pigeon-holed, only to see them flourish when they have been allowed room to grow.
So what hidden staff potential might you already have?

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