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Here are some popular coaching situations which you may find helpful. Some may be familiar to you. In this blog we continue the theme of choices – so following requests I share some topics and goals recent clients have chosen for their coaching.
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Overview of clients and issues

To set the context and without divulging anything confidential, let me share my range of recent clients. These numbers can shift dramatically over just a few months. Anyhow here is the current breakdown:
* About one third is under 40 years of age, a third from 40-50, and a third over 50.
* One third is female and two thirds male (it was the reverse a few months back!).
* Two thirds are owners or directors, and the remainder are managers or hold other posts.
* About half are sole traders (this is currently higher than normal. The remainder are either SMEs or Corporates.
* In addition to the above split, about 20% of clients are looking to start or change careers.

The conclusion is simply that a wide range of people are coming to me for coaching, and they are in a variety of positions with a broad range of challenges. What they all have in common is that they are all willing to explore and are ready for a change!

Remember …  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

What could an experienced coach help you achieve?
I would love to hear your thoughts – just drop me a line:

Obviously this business did not use a Business Coach!

Examples of current favourite topics

One obvious business goal was to increase sales, profit or score higher in other key measures. Taking a helicopter view enables clients to see the truth about where they are. From the place of truth it is easier to be open to new ideas.

Interestingly, several of the topics or goals chosen by clients relate to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey).
Some clients have chosen to make changes (Be Proactive – Habit 1).
Some have worked hard to develop a clear vision (Begin with the end in mind – Habit 2). A few of this group are producing easier, clearer and more relevant Business Plans.
Several clients thought they were great at organisation and time management – yet there was actually room for significant improvement; improvement that could change their lives, often producing better results including an improved work-life balance. This is often about prioritising (Putting first things first – Habit 3).

Several clients were looking to get a strong start in a new job or career, whilst others were so unhappy they wanted to change careers – but did not know what they really wanted to do. I have created a simple yet effective programme to help clients find their ideal careers, and then help them to be creative to get that new job.

A few believed they or their company or team were strongly customer focused – only to find they were not as good as they thought, but quickly learnt new tricks to be amongst the leaders in the field.

“Companies that have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on their investment of 7 times their initial investment!” PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Business Coaching can open up more choices, and allow you to make better decisions.

Sound generic tips

It is always the client’s agenda – the coach does not make anyone do anything they do not want to do.

The coach asks helpful searching questions. The coach is dedicated to unconditionally support the client on their journey to success.

With Business Coaching I am able to draw on my business experience to help the client.

Sometimes we are not quite as effective as we think; yet neither are we (or our results) as bad as we sometimes think. Finding the place of truth allows them to be able to move forward. A coach can help a client put situations in a more balanced and realistic context. Whilst confronting the truth can require courage, once that single step is taken, every other step forward is easier.

So here is a challenge for you today:

– What is your current main challenge?

– Who could be your best partner to achieve those goals?

– Who could be a superb role model for you in this challenge?

– Have you considered having an experienced coach as your partner?

If you would like to discuss how coaching can help you, a friend, staff or team – simply call me on:
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Or email: gerard@life-coach-associates.com

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