We could be talking

We could be talking

Before we start talking, I have been reviewing the value of coaching and thought the following points might be of help to you.

Some of you will have invested in having your own coach – whether that be Business Coaching or Personal Coaching. However, I suspect that many more people will not have tried Coaching yet, than those who have! Have you thought about coaching but hesitated? Or have you just never thought about having your own coach? Either way I invite you to read a little more below …

Let's talking about how coaching might help you

We could be talking

What is the value of coaching?

The number of benefits is too long to list. They are well covered on my new website (see link below). With absolute certainty I say that those who have invested in their own coach have found it a fabulous and deeply beneficial use of their time and money. Being one of the longest established professional coaches (in the UK and Europe), I can I hear my clients routinely telling me the benefits they experience. I also know this to be true as I have had my own coach during most of my 17 years of being a coach. I know what it has done for me!

The benefits are unique to each individual, but suffice to say each client has moved at a faster pace with the coaching, and attained stronger results. Occasionally people have said “I would love to be able to engage a coach, but I cannot afford it.” But they did not even know what my fee was! My price structure is flexible, as my approach is to make it affordable for any company or individual.

The Return on Investment (ROI) can be astonishingly impressive. Just call me to find out more. See below for more on the benefits. Remember – we could be talking!

Meanwhile I hope your week will be fabulous!  –  Gerard

Two types of benefits

Talking to your coach is more than talking to a friend. Both a friend and a coach have you interest at heart. But a coach is skilled and experienced at asking great questions that allow you to find the best answers for you. If you get stuck, talking to your coach can reveal options you have not considered. Whilst not listing all benefits, they fall into two quite different, yet equally valuable groups:

Hard Benefits: These are easy to appreciate if we consider money. Business clients increase sales, reduce “ugly” costs, and hence increase profits. Clients often achieve better results than they initially anticipated. Clients seeking personal coaching may also reduce their bad expenditure and/or increase income (either way they are better off!).

Soft benefits: This category is harder to measure.  Yet it is just as important as “hard” benefits. Clients benefit from reducing stress, increasing clarity or control, achieving more, and better relationships. Last, but definitely not least, saving perhaps the most valuable asset of all – time!

We could be talking … To discuss how to get affordable professional coaching just contact me on 01227 278618 or email me at: gerard@life-coach-associates.com

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