To celebrate or not to celebrate?

In the UK and I guess the commonwealth people are due to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this long weekend (1-4 June). For those of you outside the UK, the Commonwealth or “not into this event” … the choice of whether to celebrate this or any other event still applies.

So are you doing anything special for the Diamond Jubilee?

If you are a Royalist, or even ambivalent, it is easy to grasp the chance to have fun and celebrate. Even though the economy is struggling, and many people are having a tough time, that does not mean we cannot celebrate.
If you are not a Royalist, or even an anti-Royalist, why not celebrate a great time of year anyway?

Yet there seems to be a lot of people moaning about this event. It is going to happen – no one can change that. So given that, why “put the mockers” on other people having fun?
I do agree that many souvenirs appear frivolous or tatty. But we don’t have to buy any. We don’t even have to spend any or much money to have fun … just spending some quality time with the people you love (and who love you) is usually more than enough.
And I guess the same is true for alcohol – we can coose to have some, but we don’t have to have some to have fun.

If you had a completely clear diary, what could you choose to do?
I realise we may have prior commitments to our partners, children, other family or friends; but let’s just imagine what we would choose to do if we had this bank diary!

If nothing else, let’s celebrate life! I believe that this includes “living in the moment”. Doing something whilst thinking about something else is not “living in the moment”. It is about calmly being totally in the present. And it is about appreciating this very moment.

Part of coaching is about helping others find their own happiness and joy – and to do that we need to be positive and creative.

So go on … go and have fun. Celebrate!
And fun is infectious.

Thank you for reading this Blog. How could you make use of the points raised to improve your life?
If you want to discuss how you, or someone you know, could be supported in achieving more simply give me a call.

Copyright Gerard Jakimavicius 2012


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    Good write-up, I’m normal visitor of one’s website, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a lengthy time. “He who seizes the right moment is the right man.” by Johann von Goethe.

  2. Graham McLusky

    Living in the moment is a great thing to do. Since I finished working at a higher educational establishment, after 5 years of being incredibly busy but really getting nowhere, I have been able to breathe again and live more for the moment than before. I am building my freelance career again, with Gerard’s invaluable help and finding more time to live in the moment and really quite enjoy myself again. I also lived in the moment the day an old flame and I met up and I decided there and then that it was a good idea to rebuild that relationship… she and I are now married! Go on… live for the moment!


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