What are your blind spots?

What are your blind spots?

This blog will consider our “blind spots” and touches on how we might find out what they are. It will take about 3 minutes to read – so please enjoy.

We all have “blind spots” because we are human. In a sense we are not perfect i.e not brilliant at absolutely everything, and that is what makes us human. In another sense perhaps we are perfect because of what and who we are – even with our weaknesses, foibles and characteristics.

What are blind spots?
They are aspects of our character or behaviour that we don’t see or are unaware of, or maybe don’t see in a larger context.

Let me give you a few examples:

* Some small business owners are just not good at running the business especially the strategy side. They love and are so good at running the operation, that they don’t focus enough on the running of the business. They act as if working harder in the business makes up for not working on the business! And often they just don’t see that this is happening. Or they know it and bury it so deep at the back of their mind so they make themselves unaware of it. This would be what I call a negative blind spot.

* Some people are so generous because one way or another they are always trying to help others. Yet they are simply unaware of the magnitude of their generosity. They think it is normal. This is what I call a positive blind spot.

* Some entrepreneurs have no idea that they are entrepreneurs! They think that everyone sees an opportunity and goes for it; that every one makes a quick and firm decision, and everyone drives it forward despite the risks, seeing ways of making plenty of money from it.
To be truthful some of these entrepreneurs are not very good at seeing the whole picture; they miss out on a major area of running a business – often this includes not measuring key indicators (usually the finances and their details) … because they are so driven, passionate and keen to drive sales (usually at the expense of profit). You can see that entrepreneurs often have positive and negative blind spots!

And I guess that is true for most of us … we have positive and negative blind spots.

Do we need to be aware of our own blind spots?
Well, yes because the fuller, clearer and more honest a view we have of ourselves the nearer we are to the truth – and that can only make us stronger. Even if that means recognising a weakness – since we can then do something about it. Maybe it is better to accept ourselves, and even embrace ourselves for who we really are, as opposed to carrying a false view of who we are.
Would you want to drive a car with several blind spots – areas of poor and dangerous visibility? Of course not!

So if we can’t see the blind spots, how can we find out what they are?
But if they are blind spots, by definition we can’t see them! So what can we do about something we are simply unaware of?
We need to find someone who will help us by giving us an external, objective, complete and utterly honest view. Someone who has your true interest at heart and yet will say things straight; as opposed to friends who often tell us what we want to hear. That person could be an experienced coach! There, that was a real surprise wasn’t it!!

So what are your blinds spots?
And how could recognising them make your life even better?
Or who do you know who might benefit from help in this area?

If you want to discuss how you could be supported in achieving more simply give me a call.

As always, your comments, views and ideas are warmly welcomed. Just reply to let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to you – Gerard

Copyright Gerard Jakimavicius 2012


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