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There is another view

Our view Often in life we can believe that what we see, hear or feel is right. Our experiences tell us that we have sensed something that is real and it is true … an unshakable fact. We may have the following…
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Which generation of time are you in?

The best approach to time management I often talk to my clients about time management. When asked, they usually say that they think they are pretty good at it. Sometimes that is true, but more often it is not. The reason…
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Coaching Case Studies

Thank you  Firstly thank you for the feedback on the last blog which explored our two systems of thinking. This was amongst the most feedback I have ever received. Much appreciated! This edition is in response to requests I have had…
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  Hello dear friends and colleagues, In this edition of my blog we will consider the above two topics. They are not only appropriate to business, but can also be applied with equal relevance and effect in our personal lives….
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Raising Your Standards

Hello dear friends and colleagues, You will love this one; this blog is about Raising Your Standards. It is appropriate for all of us; it does not matter whether you are an employee, retired, self-employed, running a home, running your…
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Five things you may not know about coaching

it would be more accurate to say “5 things you may not know about my coaching practice” – as not all coaches run exactly the same type of practice, and I know that my practice is different from many other coaches.