Just a few testimonials from my clients.

So here are a few of the many testimonials I have received.I feel humbled and privileged to have played a small part in their success.Don’t take my word on our ability to provide a great service, see what our clients say.

What People Are Saying

“Initially I used Gérard to help me set up my consultancy business. His remit was far reaching in terms of the full business plan and its initial implementation.My obstacles were related to business direction, marketing and commercial and personneloptions to consider.It felt like a good old heart to heart; but was so much more. Yet the process through which he takes you is logical, thorough and productive.”

Sports Medical Consultant

“Horribly simple, yet terribly effective! Firstly coaching helped me see what I had in me – when I couldn’t. I felt I had a strong player on my side – very reassuring.In addition the service was confidential, unbiased, and always positive; whilst the approach was a breath of fresh air. From a very stuck position a whole new dimension just opened up before me.Amazing! In addition, Gérard is a wild and wacky fellow with a great Lithuanian humour box.”

Organisational and Personal Development Consultant

“My weekly sessions enabled me to manage a very difficult period in my working life. I had been resisting change; although change was subsequently seen to be inevitable.So his coaching helped me to come to terms with it, to learn from it and to grow through it.”

Leading figure in the Travel Industry

People at the top of their industry

“Gerard is a warm, thoughtful, supportive coach who listens well and intelligently. In addition he is an excellent sounding board and brainstormer. Not only does he hear what you have said, he contributes to you and encourages you to expand your concepts.
Finally, you really believe that Gerard has the strength to hold you up whilst you reach for the highest branches.

One of the UK’s most experienced coaches

“I can’t imagine not having shared this with you – its been a journey and we are on the right track! Thanks for everything, it means the world to me to know you are there. We can laugh, cry and ultimately think our way through this. In conclusion, you are indeed the best sort of coach (and friend) anyone could wish for.”

MD of a £4m turnover (and growing) UK company

“Thanks for your help Gerard, not just on this occasion, but for all the times you have supported me over the years. Don’t be surprised if I come knocking fairly soon with another challenge.”

A leading figure in Premiership Football

gerard welcomes you

I humbly thank you for these kind testimonials. Your success is my joy.

Success – each hurdle we overcome in life, takes us into a new beautiful space – and each time we become stronger and so experience more success!

Your success is my joy and reward!

I am always grateful to receive testimonials. They are beyond just the words used – as I understand and appreciate the sentiments behind them. I am also deeply grateful that each of you has allowed me to partner you on your journey to success. Thank you!

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